About the Violence Intervention Project

A charity at the heart of the community

We want to rethink the concept of urban therapy. We recognise that the young people we work with could benefit from psychotherapy – at the same time, we acknowledge many are reluctant to engage with such a formal approach.

Instead, we engage in one-to-one outreach meetings and group sessions within the community, where we work patiently with young people to get to the heart of their issues and challenges.

We believe that by making violence a subject that can be talked about in such contexts, we can encourage a greater understanding of how individuals can move away from it.

Strong partnership working

The Violence Intervention Project was registered as a charity in November 2017. We have been commissioned by Hammersmith & Fulham council for 20 hours’ work per week, and carry out another 30 hours each week backed by the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime.

Young people can refer themselves to us. They can also be referred to us by professionals working with them, or by parents concerned about potential involvement with gangs.

We also have strong links with the probation service and the police, who have clear visibility of the young people most at risk of getting into serious trouble.

Achieving emotional balance is key

Our aim is not simply to make structural changes in a young person’s life. We feel we have made a successful intervention when someone increases their emotional wellbeing.

Of course, we would like everybody we work with to resolve all his or her issues and leave behind violence and criminality.

But for us, seeing someone whose instinctive response to an awkward situation used to be violent achieve balance and an ability to contain their emotions still counts as a significant step forward.